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Learn The Secrets That Elder Law Attorneys Use To Secure Fees Of $7,000 – $18,000 Per Case Without The Hassle Of Chasing Unmotivated Prospects and Time Wasters

You’re about to learn how to double your lead flow using the same guarded secrets that Elder Law Attorneys use to secure fees of $7,000 – $18,000 per case…without having to chase unmotivated prospects ever again!

Before I expose this insider information to you, let me tell you up front that I understand how hard it is to grow a really profitable practice in today’s marketplace. I know you want a steady stream of motivated clients coming to your office that gladly pay you a nice fee for your help, right?

So why haven’t you been able to put something in place to make this a reality?

Well there are probably several reasons why, but the biggest reason is…you went to law school not marketing school, right?

In addition, your local bar makes it darn near impossible for you to do anything to actually acquire new clients using great marketing campaigns. At every turn they are telling you “you can’t do that”……”what can I do you’re probably asking”, right?

I know how frustrated that makes you feel, but what I’m about to reveal to you will empower you to convert your struggles into good fortune…if you’re willing to embrace change.

A Huge Marketplace Begging For Your Help

Did you know there are currently 76 million Baby Boomers? Every day over 10,000 people in the U.S. turn age 65. These are folks who have thought of themselves as perpetually young but now are facing the reality that they will need long-term care at some point.

In addition, their parents, now in their 80s and 90s, are increasingly needing nursing home care and also need advice.

Once these Boomer Kids with aging parents and the parents themselves find out the cost of long term care (average in the U.S. is $83,000/year), they will be scared and will seek advice about how to pay for it without going broke. This is not a do-it-yourself proposition, so they will need expert legal advice for their powers of attorney, deeds, new wills, trusts, etc.

Traditionally, Elder Law Attorneys are the legal professionals that work with families when an unexpected healthcare crisis threatens to wipe out their estate.

According to the American Bar Association, there are currently over 1.1 million lawyers in the U.S.  Yet there are only 4,200 members of NAELA, a well-known elder law organization for attorneys. That’s less than 1/10 of 1%!  Indeed, there are only 450 or so Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the whole country!

And many of these do not specialize in Medicaid planning. In other words, there is a dire need for more attorneys who know the ins and outs of the Medicaid laws who can help this growing number of seniors pay for their long-term care without unnecessarily going broke. We get calls every week from people saying they cannot locate a qualified Medicaid attorney in their area!

There simply aren’t enough Elder Law Attorneys to serve this aging population, and that’s where you come in. So are you curious as to how Elder Law attorneys easily collect $7,000 – $18,000 in fees per case?

Here it is…

Families In Crisis Make Quick Decisions and Seldom Hem & Haw About Legal Fees

I have personally seen attorney firms charge families $7,000 – $18,000 just to get a sick loved one qualified for Medicaid.

Listen—before you conclude that I have some kind of issue with this, you’re dead wrong. I’m a huge entrepreneur, and if attorney firms can collect $7,000-$18,000 for saving families $100,000 – $500,000 in nursing home costs, then more power to them.

What I’m trying to get you to understand is this: Medicaid fee-based planning (both crisis and advance) is a very lucrative business model.


How You Can Have A Steady Flow Of Motivated and Qualified Prospects Beating Down Your Door!

Most if not all legal professionals struggle to fill their appointment book, that’s a fact. Before I tell you how I and my partner Gabriel Heiser can help you overcome this problem, let me first tell you something you should know…

Gabriel has invested over 25 years of his professional life focused on Medicaid law and estate planning as well as being a long-time member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. He remains one of the nation’s leading authorities on this subject as evidenced by his Amazon biggest selling book on Medicaid planning and by his appearance on Fox-TV with John Stossel.

You may be asking why…why are Gabriel and Dan offering their expertise to legal professionals?

The answer is very simple: there are several really great organizations that teach attorneys how to offer Medicaid Planning to their community, but we know of no other organization offering a comprehensive training and accreditation course with a focus on Medicaid and VA planning combined.

However, if knowledge is the only thing required to be successful then every attorney would have the practice of their dreams.

Not only do you need knowledge, but you must know how to get new clients. Knowledge combined with great marketing will result in your success. More on that in just a minute!

What You Will Learn By Enrolling In The Accredited Medicaid Planner Course?

In order to better serve the needs of all aging Americans, we created the Accredited Medicaid Planner course for legal professionals looking to add an additional fee-based service to their practice.

Here’s what you will learn…

  • Module 1: Overview: Overview of the sources of the Medicaid rules: federal and state statutes and regulations, POMS, SSI, local practice, etc. Review of the relevant statutes; important terms to know. Medical qualification rules.
  • Module 2: Income Qualifications: How different states limit single and married applicants’ income. Increasing Community Spouse’s income (MMMNA). “Qualified Income Trust” use and examples.
  • Module 3: Countable Assets: Which assets are countable, unavailable, or excluded under the Medicaid rules? How different states calculate the Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA). Planning options to maximize amount of CSRA.
  • Module 4: Transfers and Penalties: Valuing gifts; penalty period vs. lookback period; timing requirements; exempt transfers.
  • Module 5: Trusts: Review of the Medicaid rules re irrevocable and revocable trusts. Pooled trusts and third-party special needs trusts. How to draft an irrevocable trust for Medicaid planning purposes. Review of various options and required provisions. Discussion of specific clauses and language. Tax issues to be aware of. Who should create the trust? Who should/can be beneficiary?
  • Module 6: Qualifying Strategies: Asset conversions; decreasing home equity; IRAs; Personal Services Contracts.
  • Module 7: Protecting The Family Home: Planning options to protect the home, for single and married couples: gifting, joint interests, life estates, trusts. How to calculate life estate gifts and purchases.
  • Module 8: Medicaid Annuities and Promissory Notes: Basic rules. How to calculate annuity amount and timing. Single and married couple planning techniques. Gift calculations. Use of promissory notes.
  • Module 9: Veterans Benefits: Basic rules for qualifying a veteran and/or veteran’s spouse for V.A. Pension (including “Aid & Attendance” rules). Obtaining a medical “rating.” Calculating the amount of pension. Planning techniques. Charging for assisting veterans’ claims; becoming accredited.
  • Module 10: Gifting Strategies: How to do a “half-a-loaf” calculation. Variations on the classic technique. Exceptions to the gift penalty.
  • Module 11: Post-Eligibility Issues: Transfers by the Community Spouse. Elective share problem (and solutions) if Community Spouse dies first.
  • Module 12: Estate Recovery: What is included in the “estate”? How to minimize exposure. Imposition of liens.
  • Module 13: Essential Documents: Importance of the durable power of attorney. Key provisions unique to Medicaid planning. Will provisions. Deed options.
  • Module 14: The Application Process: How does the Medicaid application process work? When should you apply? Married vs. single. How is a Fair Hearing run? Review of an actual brief from a Fair Hearing.
  • Module 15: Crisis and Non-Crisis Planning: Too often you get a call when Mom is in the hospital and can’t come home, needing nursing home care. What’s the difference in planning techniques for crisis vs non-crisis situations?
  • Module 16: Your States Rules: Discussion of state law resources. Medicaid rules and planning ideas.


Now that you know what you will learn, let’s take a look at what’s in the course:

500+ Page Training Manual
This is the course text book that you will use to complete the course. It contains all the Medicaid and VA rules as well as a complete listing of tables you will use to calculate state specific allowances and gifting strategies.
79 Page Study Guide
If the training manual is the course text book then the study guide is the step-by-step blueprint for completing the course, and passing the 160 question exam. 
Accredited Medicaid Planner Certificate
Upon passing the 160 question exam with a minimum score of 70%, you will be awarded a framed gold foil certificate
Society Of Medicaid Planners
After enrolling in either the live training or the self-study course, you will receive access to a nationwide private planners forum where you can post questions and receive case support


Have a question?

Just post it to this private forum to get an answer. We currently have over 100 planners from all across the nation waiting to help you.

As you can see, we didn’t leave anything out…it’s all in there. So what would you expect to pay for a comprehensive course like this? Seriously, if you do some basic research you will quickly discover 2 things:

1. There are very few organizations that offer comprehensive Medicaid education and even fewer—if any—that offer accreditation.

2. If you do find another organization that offers similar training, don’t be surprised if the only thing you get is some 2 day boot camp with no on-going case support or practice building strategies.

Similar Medicaid Planning courses and training sell for $1,495 – $3,995 and even at that price I think it’s a real bargain. Why do I say that?

Simple…your average fee per case should be in the range of $3,500 – $7,500. And it would not be a stretch to say that you could secure cases in the $7,500 – $10,000 range or more. But remember, your fee schedule should be lower than the local Elder Law Attorney to be competitive.

A good rule of thumb is this…base your planning fee on 1 month’s private pay rate for the average nursing home in your city. This will vary for city to city but a typical range will be from $3,500 – $7,500.

So as you can see, securing just one new client will easily cover the course tuition.

Well, you’re not going to pay $3,995…and you’re not going to pay $1,995 either…and I have even better news…you’re not even going to pay $1,295 that we’ve been advised to charge by a national research company.

I would like to introduce you to our brand new self-study course for just $595.

The self-study course will easily save you over $1,000 because you don’t have flight, hotel and food costs typically associated with a live training event.

 Wait…Before You Click On The Link To Enroll!

I want to tell you about our guarantee. Have you noticed there are fewer and fewer companies that offer true no-risk guarantees?

Listen, I understand you’ve probably been burned or ripped off by companies in the past. Heck, maybe it’s happened to you recently…that’s why I’m slowing way down to share our promise to you…Gabriel Heiser and I have spent a lot of time creating a comprehensive Accredited Medicaid Planner course.

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If any time within the first 30 days of enrolling you honestly feel like this wasn’t the best training course on Medicaid Planning that you have ever received, then simply send the course back to us, no questions asked. The only thing we ask is this: if you do return the course then it has to come back in like-new condition. Small $47 restocking fee applies.

So if you are tired of being a commodity in a sea of competitors and you are serious about becoming an Accredited Medicaid Planner—where families seek you out versus you chasing them—then click on the button below to enroll before someone else takes your course and bonus.

  • 500+ Page Training Manual with the most recent tables
  • 79 Page Study Guide
  • 16 Sample Class Problems
  • 5 Comprehensive Case Studies
  • Online Registration & Testing For 160-Question Exam
  • 1 Year Membership In The Society of Medicaid Planners Forum
  • Full case support on your first case at no cost! (must pass exam)

Tuition: $595

Want To Learn How You Can Get Referrals From Financial Advisors In Your Area?

I mentioned earlier that we have a nationwide group of planners called The Society of Medicaid Planners. When you enroll in the Accredited Medicaid Planner course you will be granted access to this private society. Currently, over 90% of the members of the society are financial advisors and more than half these advisors are looking for an attorney in their area to work with!

Are you curious as to why a financial advisor would refer clients to you? Well here is the answer…proper Medicaid Planning case work involves legal work and the financial advisor cannot offer this service. It is very typical for each case to require such legal instruments as Wills, POA’s, HIPAA Waivers and Trusts.

Every financial advisor within the society has enrolled in the same Accredited Medicaid Planner course as we are offering you today, so you will find it very refreshing to work with comprehensive planners versus product pushers.

In addition to receiving referrals from a local financial advisor you can also offer Medicaid Planning to your existing client base. In essence, you’ve just added a new business profit center. And one important note for your consideration…imagine teaming up with a local financial advisor that is more than glad to be the marketing arm for your firm!

You may not be aware of this fact so let me shed some interesting light on how financial advisors acquire new clients. They do it with direct marketing and networking. Every successful financial advisor firm must be great marketers and networkers in order to thrive and you can tap into those efforts.

Imagine participating in a process where the client is dropped off at your front door fully qualified and ready to engage you. You simply do what you do best and that is create the legal docs necessary for completing the asset protection plan and then turn the client back over to the financial advisor to fund the trust and complete the rest of the administrative work.

Welcome to practicing law where the work is rewarding, fun and easy!

Having A Hard Time Deciding If This Course Is Right For You?

If you’re sitting on the fence having a hard time trying to decide if this course is right for you, let me make you an irresistible offer…listen, I know you may have some questions about whether this course is everything we said it is and maybe you’re wondering if you can actually do this kind of work…let me offer you a special bonus…

If you take action now, we’ll give you a proven public presentation that Gabriel created and used in his own practice.

Having a great presentation that converts is worth its weight in gold and it’s yours free if you’re one of the first 10 to enroll, so click the button below and I’ll see you on the other side.

Still Can’t Decide?

Let me offer you one last bonus and this one is huge…what if you had an opportunity to work with us step-by-step on your first case from start to finish…would that not give you everything you need to prove you can do this?

If you agree that working with us would absolutely empower you then here’s our final offer…if you enroll right now and are one of the first 10 planners to do so, then on top of all the other bonuses we will work with you on your first case at no charge…no tricks…you are guided through every step by me personally and we won’t charge you a dime. This is a $1,250 value because that’s how much we would charge a family for a few hours of our time.

So let’s get started working together right now today…click on the button below right now and I’ll see you on the other side!

  • 500+ Page Training Manual with the most recent tables
  • 79 Page Study Guide
  • 16 Sample Class Problems
  • 5 Comprehensive Case Studies
  • Online Registration & Testing For 160-Question Exam
  • 1 Year Membership In The Society of Medicaid Planners Forum
  • Full case support on your first case at no cost! (must pass exam)

Tuition: $595